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                   04       Aluminum alloy joining technologies
                             Aluminum alloys used in automobiles : 4

                            Enhanced aluminum presence in the current multi-material trend

                Today, as in the past, fusion welding is the mainstream method for   devices has evolved. There is also the technology called
                joining aluminum alloys. The two most common kinds of welding   Mechanical Clinching, which enables tight fixing without rivets.
                are Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG). Aluminum   Behind the rise in the number of body structures, there has also
                alloys were introduced to reduce vehicle weight, and this led to   been an increase in the use of structural adhesives.
                breakthroughs in the aluminum joining technologies used in the   Moreover, joining technology for combining different materials,
                manufacture of cars, including laser welding and Friction Stir   such as aluminum and steel or aluminum and resin, continues to
                Welding (FSW), for joining without a melting process. These   evolve. It can be described as a trendy technology that is capable
                technologies are both being used widely today.          of contributing not only to the increased utilization of aluminum
                In the case of Mechanical Joining, the technology for fixing parts   alloys, but also to reducing the weight of the vehicle body and the
                together with rivets, bolts and screws, self-piercing rivets and other   chassis structure.

                     Joining technologies

                          Punch riveting                        Laser welding
            Motor Fan illustrated
                Two sheets are joined by forcing a edge-shaped   A laser light is pointed at the parts to be joined
                rivet through them.                   to weld them together.

                         Flow drill screwing                 Self-piercing riveting               Mechanical clinching

                A method of screw fastening in which the   The leg portion distorts and cuts into the base   A die is used to clinch materials together from
                fastening member can be removed.      materials to fasten them together.   above and below.



                Friction stir welding (FSW) is a joining technology that involves the   Butted surfaces
                use of a tool with a pointed revolving tip that is pressed against
                the metal, which is then softened by friction-generated heat. This
                plasticized material is used to join pieces of metal together.  Tool
                This method has many benefits, including low levels of distortion
                and residual stress, and less significant reduction in strength
                when exposed to heat.
                                                                      asection  Pin
                  Friction stir spot welding (FSSW)


                                    Insertion/joining  Withdrawal
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