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                   02       Aluminum extruded products
                             Aluminum alloys used in automobiles : 2

                            Components with complex cross-sectional shapes

                     Aluminum extruded shapes

                 Using extrusion, it is possible to produce complex shapes. The process involves heating
                 the aluminum alloy up to 400-500°C and pressing it through a die. Various shapes can be
                 extruded, including complex shapes and hollow materials. They are normally used for
                 automobile subframes and bumper beams.

                                                                                                              Die  Billet

            Motor Fan illustrated

                                                                                                    Platen Stem  Container Block

                            A space frame structure made of extruded aluminum shapes was
                            adopted for the Chevrolet Corvette. A strong body structure with as   Solid shape  Hollow shape
                            much as 57% higher rigidity was realized, while also achieving a
                            weight reduction of 45 kilograms compared to previous models.

           08                                                                          Solid die      Male die Female die  Hollow die

                Bumpers of the Mazda MX-5

                This bumper is manufactured using a 7000 series aluminum
                alloy produced by UACJ Corporation for use in hollow shape

                                                                                    Aluminum extruded products are used to produce
                                                                                    motorbike frames and front forks. UACJ’s front fork
                                                                                    outer tubes hold the world's top share.
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