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Use of aluminum alloys in automobiles 2

                    DRIVETRAIN & POWERTRAIN

                  The frame to support the drivetrain and powertrain requires both high rigidity and light weight. For this reason, frame
                  structures using high-strength structural aluminum alloy sheet and extruded shapes are increasingly being used.
                  More aluminum forged products are also being used for the suspension, as well as parts such as brake calipers, hub
                  carriers, and steering knuckles.

                                                                                           Hub carriers
                                                                                          These components connect the
                                                                                          suspension arms with the brakes and
                                                           Heat insulator
                                                          This is a heat shield that protects the
                                                          fuel system, brakes, and sensors from
                                                          the high heat of the engine exhaust

            Motor Fan illustrated
                         Suspension arms

                       As critical safety components, these
                       need to be highly reliable. The use of
                       high-strength forged aluminum parts is



                                                            Aluminum wheels
                                                           Although both cast and forged aluminum
                                                           wheels are used, forged aluminum
                                                           wheels are lighter and stronger.

                                                                Brake calipers
                         PORSCHE PANAMERA                      As these are exposed to high temperatures,
                                                               while also being repeatedly subjected to
                                                               stress, they need high thermal stability and
                                                               good abrasion resistance.

                     Aluminum alloy is extensively used in
                     the hybrid body and platform of this
                     sports car. It adopts the standardized
                     MSB (Modularer Standardantriebs-
                     Baukasten) modular platform which is
                     shared by the PANAMERA and Bentley
                     Continental GT models.
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