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Use of aluminum alloys in automobiles   1

                     BODY & CHASSIS

                  Global fuel efficiency standards are getting stricter and stricter. Fuel economy regulations
                  intended to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions are being tightened not only
                  in Japan, the U.S.A. and Europe, but also in emerging countries. Reduction of vehicle
                  weight is a key element of CO2 emission regulations. The adoption of aluminum alloys for
                  automobiles, that began with cast-metal components such as engine parts, is now
                  progressing to full-scale adoption thanks to the improved strength and formability of
                  wrought aluminum alloys.

                             Suspension tower

                            The use of aluminum alloy die-cast
                            products has been progressing for this
                            important structural member that
                            supports the top of the suspension arm.

            Motor Fan illustrated

                     The body’s largest exterior panel was                                 Front side members
           02        one of the first parts to be changed to                              These are connected to the subframe.
                     aluminum, and this has led to a
                     considerable weight reduction.                                       In addition to load-bearing, they are
                                                                                          designed to absorb the impact of
                                                     Front bumper reinforcement
                                                    7000-series high-strength aluminum
                                                    alloy extruded shapes are increasingly
                                                    being adopted for this member that
                                                    secures cabin safety by absorbing      Front fenders
                                                    collision energy.
                                                                                          These were among the earliest parts
                                                                                          to be created from aluminum sheet
                                                                                          after the bonnet. Their area is smaller,
                                                                                          but they involve complicated designs,
                                                                                          such as large curves.

                All-aluminum alloy monocoqueRENAULT ALPINE A110  Multi-material monocoque BMW 7series  All-aluminum alloy monocoque FORD F-150

               The weight of the new Alpine A110 is as low as 1,103   Adoption of a multi-material body structure for the   The F-150 has become a major focus of interest for
               kilograms thanks to the all-aluminum alloy platform   new BMW 7Series has realized a weight reduction   its switch to an all-aluminum body structure. The
               and upper body structure.             of around 130 kilograms. Aluminum alloy sheet is   use of aluminum alloy materials has reduced the
                                                     used for all the body panels.         entire vehicle weight by about 320 kilograms.
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