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            “When examining suggested topics,                      Recipe for Success
            we have an important criterion for                     More than 70 Years of Experience

            publishing it in one of our magazines,                 in Rubber Production
            which we communicate to the authors:
            The technology described in the

            technical article should be presented
            using quantifiable and robust test

            results. This is because technologies
            can only be properly assessed and                                                       Frankfurt/Main

            compared on the basis of a compre-                                                    September 14 –24
                                                                                                       Hall 4.0
            hensible evidence base. When deter-                                                       Stand C20
            mining the kind of drive technology

            described in the ATZ and MTZ, we
            deliberately refrain from limiting the
            scope to a specific fuel or functional

            approach; we advocate a technology-
            neutral discussion.”

            Angelina Hofacker
            is ATZ/MTZ Editor.

                                                                   FTE automotive – Innovation drives

                                                                   We have been utilising the most up to date materials
                                                                   and technology to develop and manufacture rubber
                                                                   compounds for many years. Our mixtures are used
                                                                   in a vast range of highly innovative technologies.

                                                                   We place the highest priority on our customer‘s needs,
                                                                   the technical requirements and cost-effectiveness in
                                                                   the development of our compounds.

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