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© [M] Chisnikov |  Protecting the climate is important. Urban air should not be

                                              harming the health of our city dwellers. In Germany, these facts
                                              are undisputed. The controversy arises when the talk turns to
                                              which measures should be applied. Nothing is under greater
                                              scrutiny here than the combustion engine, in what has become
                                              an emotional, loud and passionate debate. As things heat up,
                                              people start raising the spectre of bans and quotas. But getting
                                              back to a constructive discussion ending in solutions requires
                                              a fair approach.

                                              TROUBLE’S BREWING                   Once it emerged in mid-September
                                                                                of 2015 that the Volkswagen Group had
                                              “Not even one.” This was the precise   been manipulating its cars to falsify
                                              response from Gerald Killmann, Vice   exhaust gas emission measurements, it
                                              President of R&D at Toyota, when asked   triggered a debate which has been raging
                                              during an early June panel discussion   constantly ever since. The European
                                              how many scandals the automotive   Commission is currently investigating
                                              industry could still afford with the inter-  the allegations of a cartel between BMW,
                                              nal combustion engine. Mending the    Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi and Porsche.
                                              lost trust between politics, customers   “This affair [the diesel emissions scan-
                                              and industry should rather be taken    dal] goes beyond the vehicle industry
                                              as a task, announced Killmann to the   alone; it also involves government and
                                              motor-vehicle conference “Engine and   authorities”, were the words of a lobby
                                              Environment”. This challenge is becom-  report in 2017 [1]. The report, to be pub-
                                              ing increasingly daunting.        lished at the end of June, is being written

                                              Average real exhaust emissions of Diesel cars with different emission levels in comparison
                                              to to their limit values (averaged over all type of roads and temperatures) (© [M] Umweltbundesamt)
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