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            42   The importance of thermal management in   60   There are clear parallels between the   68   A new operating strategy process has been
            electric vehicles is growing because of its direct     development of road vehicles and racing cars.   developed at the TU Braunschweig to identify
            influence on the vehicles’ range. qpunkt demon-  The methodology and tool development depart-  the overall optimum energy consumption of
            strates how conflicting objectives can be resolved.  ments at Porsche are working closely together.  hybrid drives.

                CONTENTS                          THERMAL MANAGEMENT                RESEARCH
                                              42  Innovative HVAC Concepts for
              3  Editorial                        Future Vehicles                   NEWS
                                                  Peter Drage, Frank Seebald, Christian Paul,   66  Research
                NEWS                              Markus Hinteregger [qpunkt]
              6  Persons + Companies                                                HYBRID DRIVES
              7  Impulses                     46  Thermal Management as a Basic   68  Determine of the Global Energy
                                                  Prerequisite for Electric Mobility  Optimum of Hybrid Drives
                                                  Markus Wawzyniak, Laurent Art,    Andreas Lange, Ferit Küçükay
                IN THE SPOTLIGHT                  Matthias Jung, Fahmi Ben Ahmed    [TU Braunschweig]
                                                  [Mahle Behr]
            8   The Future of the
                Combustion Engine –               SIMULATION AND TEST               CONFERENCE REPORT
                Let’s Get down to Business    52  Vehicle-in-the-Loop – Real-world
                Angelina Hofacker                 Vehicle Tests Combined with    74  3  International ATZ Conference –
                                                  Virtual Scenarios                 Driver Assistance Systems – From
                                                  Matthias Butenuth, Roland Kallweit,    Assistance to Automated Driving
                COVER STORY                       Paul Prescher [IAV]               Markus Schöttle

                AUTOMATED DRIVING             56  Testing Solutions for         78  The 8  Munich Chassis Symposium
            14  Assisted Parking and              Autonomous Driving                – plus 2017
                Motorway Driving                  Andreea Solomon, Ronald Kaempf    Michael Reichenbach
                                                  [WKS Informatik]

                NEWS                              MOTOR SPORT                       SERVICE
            30  Products                      60  Simulation-based Development
                                                  Process for Motor Sport and    80  Imprint, Scientific Advisory Board
                                                  Series Production             81  Preview
                DEVELOPMENT                       Kai Fritzsche, Florian Strecker,
                                                  Malte Huneke [Porsche]
            34  Active Rear Wing System –
                Aerodynamic Optimisation for
                Truck Trailers                                                      GUEST
                Wolfgang Reul [Edag], Rainer M. Buffo                               COMMENTARY
                [Betterflow]                                                     82  Fully Autonomous,
                                                                                    Highly Connected
            38  Active Aerodynamic Parts for                                        and Emission-free
                Exhaust-gas Reduction                                               Klaus Fröhlich               © BMW
                Anthony Povinelli [Magna Exteriors]  COVER FIGURE © Continental     [BMW]

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