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           What kind of progress have you seen in the development    produce and market aluminium alloy sheet featuring the world’s top level
           of rolled aluminium products in the last few years?   of hemmability. As for extruded products for automotive use, we’ve
           Against the background of the trend towards reducing vehicle weight, the   developed the 7000 series, which displays excellent balance in extrusion
           drastically growing demand for aluminium sheets for the body panels of   performance, strength, weldability and corrosion resistance. Used for
           mass-produced cars. Following customer requests from all over the world,   bumpers, it greatly contributes to body weight reduction.
           especially North America, where demand is expanding, UACJ has been
           consolidating its production system to provide high-quality aluminium   How have electric vehicles affected the development
           alloy sheet.                                       of aluminium rolled products?
                                                              Electric vehicles feature a compact motor, but they also have to carry large
           Could you tell us about the R&D Division?          and heavy lithiumion batteries. That demands a drastic change in the
           It consists of a group of about 300 expert researchers, the largest number   vehicle’s body structure. To match that demand, attention has turned to
           in  the world  in  the  rolled aluminium  industry.  They  carry  out the   the use of aluminium extruded materials, and the development of the
           development of aluminium alloys and processing technology, analysis   appropriate utilization technology is underway.
           technology (simulations), and joining technology, as well as the
           technological development of surface treatments and production processes.  What are the future plans of the
                                                              UACJ Automotive Materials Research Dept.?
           What kind of research is conducted                 Well, there’s a recent trend towards the use of multi-materials, which
           for the automobile industry?                       PHDQV ¿QGLQJ WKH ULJKW PDWHULDO IRU WKH ULJKW DSSOLFDWLRQ  DQG WKH SUHVHQFH
           In the hope of helping to make vehicles lighter in order to reduce CO 2    of aluminium is growing day by day. Of course, we only have a short
           emissions, we’ve been conducting R&D on various automotive materials   history as UACJ, and our company name hasn’t fully penetrated yet, but
           from every angle in our pursuit of materials with greater strength and   we’re eagerly moving ahead with the desire to develop and supply the
           excellent formability. The development of processing technology and CAE   optimum materials for automotive parts together with our customers,
           analysis are, of course, essential for that. Right now, our hottest research   based on our world-leading R&D system and our extensive global
           theme is joining technologies, such as how to join dissimilar materials and   production and supply system. We will be very happy to hear your requests
           materials with different thicknesses.              and ideas. Please contact us at UACJ.

           What kind of R&D results have you had
           for automotive materials?                                                         Akio Niikura, Ph. D.
           Regarding aluminium alloy sheet for automotive materials, we were one             General Manager
                                                                                             UACJ R&D Division
           the 6000 series aluminium alloy sheet for body panels, and we now                 UACJ Corporation

                   COMPANY OVERVIEW - UACJ Corporation

             The largest manufacturer of aluminium rolled products in
             Japan. The UACJ Research and Development Division consists
                                               of  a  group  of  about  300  expert  researchers,  the  largest
             number in the world in the rolled aluminium industry. UACJ

             is actively involved in the R&D of aluminium materials as well

             as the technological development required for promoting
                                                     their utilization. And UACJ has an extensive global network
                                                                 system to supply products worldwide.
                                                              Core members of the Automotive Materials Research Dept.

              CORPORATE NAME  UACJ Corporation
              HEADQUARTERS    Tokyo Sankei Bldg., 1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
                              Manufacture and sales of rolling products, extrusions, casting products, forged
              PRINCIPAL BUSINESS  products and precision-machined products of nonferrous metals, including
                              aluminium and copper and alloys thereof

              CAPITAL         52,277 million yen (approx 467 million U.S. dollars)  The UACJ Research and Development Division
                                                                               Location: Nagoya, Aichi Pref., Japan
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