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            Playing a

            Pioneering Role

            Dear Reader,                      dream. But several decades will pass
                                              before digital cars represent a large pro-
            Why do we need autonomous cars? Not   portion of the vehicles on the roads. This
            for a more comfortable ride, certainly.   is unlikely to happen before 2040.” The
            It is clear that the real issue is greater   ethics committee of the German Federal
            safety. The population of the world is   Ministry of Transport has played a pio-
            growing and there are more and more   neering role in this area and drawn up
            vehicles on the streets. This has led to an   the first guidelines of their kind in the
            increase in the number of collisions, par-  world. “This means that we are the lead-
            ticularly in large cities. The fact that the   ing country in the field of smart mobil-
            number of fatalities on the roads has   ity,” says Alexander Dobrindt, Germany’s
            risen only slightly in recent years is a   transport minister.
            good sign. In the past, the curve has
            been much steeper than it is today. How-  In the interview that starts on page 20,
            ever, we need automated or autonomous   Ralph Lauxmann from Continental takes
            cars to ensure that the curve becomes   a more optimistic view of the form the
            flatter. The result will be more efficient   transport transition could take, involving
            traffic, a more consistent flow of vehi-  the use of people movers. We need to dis-
            cles, a more defensive driving style and   cuss this subject in more detail. ATZ will
            a significant improvement in road safety.  be at the Frankfurt International Motor
                                              Show on stand A08 in hall 4.1 on the
            Another positive consequence of the drop   press and trade days (12 to 15 September)
            in the number of vehicles on the roads is   and we look forward to talking to you.
            a reduction in CO 2  and noise emissions.
            Despite this, we will still need to focus   With best regards,
            closely on the subject of exhaust gas treat-
            ment in future. A total of 27 professors
            from the WKM (the Scientific Society for
            Automotive and Engine Technology) have
            called for an objective discussion on the
            future of the combustion engine, together   Dipl.-Ing. Michael Reichenbach
                                              Deputy Editor in Chief

            with an honest evaluation of its CO 2  emis-
            sions, of the kind carried out by our edi-
            tor-in-chief Dr. Alexander Heintzel in his
            online comment entitled “Endlich Fakten
            statt Propaganda” (Finally facts instead of
            propaganda) on
            And when will autonomous cars be
            arriving? This is where the experts disa-
            gree, largely because of the differing
            constraints involved. In his study, Eric
            Heymann from Deutsche Bank Research
            comes to the following conclusion:
            “Autonomous driving is not a Utopian
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