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ALUMINUM  Smart Developments

 Case S tudy  Case Study

 06 06  A8 with a Multi-material Body  07 07  NSX with a Multi-material Body

                          HONDA NSX

                                                                                      Multi-material body panels
                                                                                           Aluminum alloy sheet     Motor Fan illustrated
 Motor Fan illustrated
                                                                                           Fiber/resin compound (SMC)

 The multi-material Audi space frame                                                                               ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
 Aluminum alloy sheet  Space frame using multi-materials
 Aluminum extruded shapes
               Aluminum alloy sheet
 Aluminum cast products
 ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
               Aluminum extruded shapes
 Ultra-high tensile strength steel sheet
               3DQ ultra-high tensile strength steel tube
 10  Steel     Ablation cast aluminum                                                                              11
               Gravity die cast aluminum

 Audi’s new model, the A8, is a multi-material-oriented vehicle   The body panels are all-aluminum, and for the doors in   The NSX for the 21st century is not an all-aluminum body   whole structure; other materials include 13.5% of steel and
 using ultra-high tensile strength steel, mild steel, CFRP,   particular 6000 series aluminum alloys are used for both the   structure, but a multi-material space frame structure using   7.4% of resin. Structural joining techniques such as SPR
 magnesium and other materials while featuring the   inner and outer panels. For the base of the A pillars, where   aluminum, ultra-high tensile strength steel, resin and other   (self-piercing riveting), FDS (flow drill screw) and roller
 multi-material Audi space frame with aluminum as its core.   aluminum alloy sheets were used for the 2015 Audi R8, steel is   materials. Mainly high-strength extruded aluminum shapes   hemming are frequently used.
 Adoption of aluminum alloys has the special merit of providing   employed in the new Audi A8. This is thought to symbolize   are used. Aluminum alloy accounts for about 79% of the
 reliability in a lightweight and highly rigid space frame structure.   multi-materialization.

                                                                  Features required for aluminum alloy  Major alloy for choice
 Through collaborative work according to the requests and                                Extrusion
 Guidelines for aluminum alloy choices  purposes of automobile manufacturers, UACJ is realizing   Strength Formability  resistance weldability weldability  performance
 the production of a variety of aluminum automobile parts.  Alloy evaluation            & Forgeability
 The aluminum sheets typically used as body panels often include   Classification   Sheets  Panels (outer panels)  5000/6000
                         and Uses
                                             Structural parts
 non-heat-treatable 5000 series alloys and heat-treatable 6000 series   Mineo Asano  : Very good  Non-structural parts  1000/3000/5000/6000
 alloys for the reasons of strength, formability and corrosion resistance.   Manager  : Good  Extruded shapes  Structural parts  6000/7000
 As for formability, the 5000 series excels the 6000 series. The 1000   Product Engineering Division  Forged products  Structural parts  6000
 series, excellent in corrosion resistance and workability, are used for   Nagoya Works  A: Good  Alloy  Non-  1000 series  Pure aluminum    C  A  A  A  A  A
 UACJ Corporation
 heat insulators, and the 3000 series are used for tubing. The 4000   B: Standard  treatable  3000 series  Al-Mn  C B  A A  A A  A A  A A  A C
                                   5000 series
 series are used for compressor wheels and the 6000 series for forged   C: Inferior  Heat-  2000 series  Al-Cu  A  C  C  C  C  B
 wheels.                     treatable  6000 series  Al-Mg-Si  B  B    A     B     B       A
                                   7000 series  Al-Zn-Mg   A    C      C     B     C       B
                                                                                                PHOTO: AUDI/HONDA
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