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ALUMINUM  Smart Developments

 Case Study  Case Study

 04 04  The Audi e-tron EV platform  05 05  MX-5 with lightweight properties

                          Mazda MX-5
 EV Platform

 Audi e-tron Sport concept  Aluminum alloy front bumper

          The Mazda MX-5 (ND)  front
 The large-capacity lithium-ion battery   bumper reinforcement uses   Front bumper
 loaded on the Audi e-tron is made up of   a 7000 series high-strength   reinforcement: 4.2kg
 aluminum alloy modules, each containing   aluminum alloy newly      Aluminum alloy power plant frame
 12 ‘pouch’ cells. To produce the battery   developed by UACJ.       The power plant frames used for the MX-5 are press-formed
 pack, the modules are placed in an                                  products made of 6000 series high-strength aluminum alloy
 aluminum alloy housing.                                             plate for structural purposes produced by UACJ.

                                Strength     7003
                                  5 5        New
                                  4 4
                                  3 3
                       Weldability  2 2  Corrosion
                                  1 1
                                  0 0
                          Bending      Hollow extrusion                                                             Motor Fan illustrated
                          workability  performance
 Motor Fan illustrated

 Front electric motor
                                                              Among the aluminum components used for the Mazda MX-5,
 Rear electric motors  Previous model       Aluminum                                                               ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
                                            Ultra-high tensile steel
                                            1,180MPa          the bumper reinforcement is of special interest. In order to
                                            980MPa            meet the increasingly strict collision safety standards, the
                                            590MPa            performance required for front bumpers is becoming very high.
                                            270MPa            Regarding the MX-5, further weight reduction was achieved
 ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
                                                              while at the same time securing a safety performance of the
                                                              highest level. Reducing the weight of the components which
 08         Mazda MX-5                                        are the furthest from the vehicle’s center of gravity is effective   09
            4th Generation                                    not only for improving fuel efficiency but also for increasing
                                                              Further weight reduction has been gained by using the 7000
                                     0%  20%  40%  60%  80%  100%
                                                              series high-strength aluminum alloy extruded shapes newly
                                                              developed by UACJ.
          Aluminum alloys have been widely used in the MAZDA MX-5 to create a
 Charging point  lightweight but highly rigid body.

 Liquid cooled
 lithium-ion battery

 Regarding the structure of vehicles which are rapidly making   weight becomes. That is why the use of lightweight aluminum
 their way to being electric-powered, it is now becoming   alloys is favored. For example, the Audi e-tron’s battery
 standard to lay out the lithium-ion batteries in an aluminum   housing consists of 47% aluminum extruded shapes, 36%
 frame positioned under the floor as part of the body structure.   aluminum sheets, and 17% aluminum cast products. Despite
 Tesla took the initiative and the BMW i3 was the pioneering   being made of aluminum, the total weight of the system   TESLA MODEL-S  JAGUAR I-PACE  Range Rover Sport
 model for this. Audi’s e-tron has adopted a similar structure   reaches up to 700kg. Considering the structure in terms of   The chassis of the Tesla Model-S has an   The I-PACE is the SUV model of Jaguar’s first   Based on knowhow accumulated through the
 and Jaguar’s I-PACE displays the same concept. The mileage   shock being dispersed during a side collision, thermal   all-aluminum frame structure. The battery   all-electric vehicle. From its aluminum alloy   development of the Jaguar XJ, this is the first
 of an EV depends on battery capacity, but the greater the   management, and other factors, an aluminum frame can now   cells are arranged beneath the flat floor.   platform to its body panels, the I-PACE   SUV to feature an all-aluminum monocoque
 capacity of the loaded batteries, the heavier the total vehicle   be regarded as the standard for an EV platform.  Aluminum is also used for all the body panels.  features aluminum construction.  body design.

                                                                                 PHOTO: AUDI/MAZDA/JAGUAR/LAND ROVER/MFi
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