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ALUMINUM  Smart Developments

              Case Study    Automobile parts created from aluminum alloy

              08 08         Aluminum Materials

              6000 series Aluminum Alloy for Body Panels                                                                           Aluminum Alloy for Lithium-ion Batteries
             Producing body panels from aluminum alloy is a                       Required     Formability                       Lithium-ion batteries are becoming the mainstream and development of the
             highly effective way to reduce weight and enhance                    properties   Hemmability                       next-generation batteries is progressing. Aluminum alloy plays a major role
             fuel efficiency.                                                     of body      Dent resistance                   as a material used to produce lithium-ion batteries.
             Currently, 6000 series aluminum alloys are the                                    Corrosion resistance
             type most commonly used in body panels, and
             since they have “bake-hardenability,” they can be                                 High-luster paint finish                                       Aluminum cathode foils
             strengthened during the coat baking process.                                                                                        Aluminum     Housing cases
             The 6000 series aluminum alloys are characterized                                                                                   materials    Busbars
                                                                                                                                                 used in LIB
             by low strength during the stamping process,                                                                                                     Disclosure sealers                         Lithium-ion battery cell & Module
                                                                                                                                                              Laminated pouches
             making them highly formable, but the coat baking
             process makes them substantially stronger.

              Superplastic Aluminum Alloy Sheet                              Before stretching                                     Aluminum Materials for Heat Exchangers                                                                  Motor Fan illustrated
     Motor Fan illustrated
             A superplastic material is one that can be stretched by a factor of more than                                       Heat exchangers for automobiles are mostly made
             several hundred percent when heated to high temperatures.       After stretching                                    of aluminum. They are produced by assembling
             Using the blow molding method (using pressurized air to force heated material                                       multi-hole flat tubes and corrugated brazing sheets,
             into metal molds), superplastic aluminum alloy sheet can be used to freely                                          which are combined into a single unit by brazing.                                                         ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
             create any body shape.                                                                                              To reduce weight and enhance performance, heat
                                                                                                                                 exchanger materials are made thinner, so corrosion
                                      Blow forming                                                                               proofing is vital.
                    Mold             Mold
    ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
                          alloy sheet
    12            400°C to 500°C   Approximately         Molding                                                                                                                                                                           13
                                   400°C to 500°C
                                        Pressurized gas                                                                            Aluminum Alloy for Turbochargers
                                                                                                                                 Compressor wheels (C/W) for turbochargers are
              Aluminum Alloy Design Sheet                                                                                        now mostly produced with low-pressure casting,
                                                                                                                                 but the number of products produced by machining
                                                                                                                                 aluminum bars is increasing.
             UACJ manufactures luminous aluminum alloy design sheet with a focus on a level                                      Only a few companies in the world, including UACJ
             of sheen which can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. With this material,                                  Foundry & Forging Corporation, have the ability to
             superior designs can be achieved through chemical and electrolytic polishing.                                       manufacture both cast and machined products.       C/W
             Aluminium panels with surfaces beautifully processed and treated with hairlines                                     UACJ's aluminium precision cast compressor      (Cast products)
             and other designs are widely used for cockpit interior decoration.                                                  wheels hold the world’s top share.
             The beautiful sheen of aluminum sheets surely provides an incentive to choose                                                                                                        C/W
             them instead of resin.                                                                                                                                                          (Machined products)

              Aluminum Extruded Shapes                                      Solid shape                                            Aluminum Alloy for Suspensions

             With extrusion, it is possible to produce high-precision                                                            As safety critical components, suspension parts
             components in a diverse range of shapes including    Die  Billet                Hollow shape                        need to be highly reliable.
             hollow structures and complex cross-sectional                                                                       In order to enhance riding comfort and driving
             shapes. Aluminium extruded shapes optimal for the             P    Solid die                                        stability, use of high-strength forged aluminum
             production of parts with a constant cross-section and                                                               alloy is expanding for axle parts such as
             long length, such as bumper beams. It’s now common                                                                  suspension arms and hub carriers, and other parts.
             to find space-frame structures made of aluminium   Platen Stem  Container Block  Male die Female die  Hollow die                                                        Suspension arms    Shock absorbers
             extruded shapes in large SUVs and electric vehicles.
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