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ALUMINUM  Smart Developments

 Case Study  Aluminum technologies for the new LS

 02 02  LEXUS LS

 Motor Fan illustrated
                                                                                                                    Motor Fan illustrated

 ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
                                                                                                                   ALUMINUM  Smart Developments
 04  The new LS has the latest structure that uses a considerable   Other carmakers produce inner panels in three parts, but the   05
 amount of aluminum alloy in the outer panels, and ultra-high
 LS panels are formed as single pieces. This is largely a result of
 tensile strength steel in the frame. In addition to the bonnet,   Toyota’s excellent stamping technology, with aluminum
 trunk lid and front fender aluminum is used for the doors. The   manufacturer UACJ’s backstage support.
 application of aluminum has reduced the total body weight by
 25% compared to the previous all-steel model, and because   Spring-back emerges as a problem when considering changing
 the car has four doors, there is an even greater effect on weight   to one-piece aluminum inner door panels, because of its
 reduction.  inferior formability and shape-freezing properties. Most
 European carmakers have stamping lines with five to six
 In general, the inner door panel has a complicated structure, so   processes, but Japanese carmakers have production facilities   LS500
 5000 series alloys are frequently used because of their high   with four processes. One drawing process is sufficient for steel,
 formability. In consideration of dent resistance, 6000 series   but aluminum requires two. This means that other processing   For the new LS body,
 alloys are used for the outer door panels. However, Toyota   has to be carried out by the remaining two processes. The   aluminum alloys are used for
 decided to use  6000 series for both the inner and outer panels   high-level stamping technology which forms aluminum in four   the bonnet, trunk lid, front
 of the new LS.  processes has been developed by Toyota Motor.   fender, suspension tower,
          bumper beams and doors.

 Hiroaki Hashiya  Tatsuya Higuchi  Tohru Hioki

 Assistant Manager  Assistant Manager  Assistant Manager
 MS Vehicle Quality & Production   Production Preparation Dept.,  MS Stamping Production Engineering Div.,
 Engineering Div.,   Lexus Management Div.,  Mid-size Vehicle Company,
 Mid-size Vehicle Company,  Toyota Motor Corporation  Toyota Motor Corporation
 Toyota Motor Corporation
                                                                                               High-tensile steel
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