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                    VW Commercial Vehicles |
            Sedran Becomes CEO
                             Dr. Thomas Sedran has been appointed CEO of Volks-
                             wagen Commercial Vehicles with effect from Septem-        Dr. Johannes Liebl
                             ber1, 2018. He succeeds Dr. Eckhard Scholz, who is       Editor in Charge
                                                                                       ATZ | MTZ | ATZelektronik
                             stepping down at his own request. Sedran has a Ph. D.
                             in economics and became a member of the manage-
           © Volkswagen      mentboard of Adam Opel AG in charge of strategy
                             andoperations and interim CEO in 2012. He assumed
                             responsibility for the Chevrolet and Cadillac brands in
            Thomas Sedran    Europe as President and Managing Director in July 2013.
                             Volks wagen appointed him Senior Vice President Group
                             Strategy in 2015 and, in addition, he was named General   elect!
                             Secretary of Volkswagen AG in 2017.
                                                                        Our Western culture is characterized by freedom
                                                                        and prosperity. Mobility is one of the factors that
                                                                        contributes to this. But legislation on climate change
                    Kiekert | Hanel Becomes Chairman                    and air quality is forcing us to rethink our approach.
                                                                        There are two ways in which we can continue to
            of the Management Board                                     enjoy unlimited mobility: the use of synthetic fuels
                                                                        that do not produce particulates and the electrifica-
                             The supervisory board of Kiekert has appointed   tion of drive systems. We are promoting the more
                             Dr.Guido Hanel as the new chairman of the man-  traditional route at our International Engine Congress
                             agement board with effect from July 1, 2018. At   in Baden-Baden (Germany). The systemic approach
                             thesame time the decision was made to reduce the   to improving combustion engines in combination
                             board from three members to two. The new CEO is   with new fuels and innovative exhaust aftertreament
                             the successor to Dr. Karl Krause, who had held the   systems has been well-received by the industry,
           © Kiekert         position since 2007. During Krause’s eleven years   NGOs, and politicians. This year we have even
                                                                          succeeded in bringing together Jürgen Resch from
                             inthe role, the company expanded its product port-
            Guido Hanel      folio to become a system supplier and was taken   Environmental Action Germany (DUH) and Carsten
                                                                        Müller, a member of the German parliament.
                             over by the Chinese automotive industry supplier
            Hebei Lingyun Industrial Group Corporation. Hanel has held senior positions at
            Kiekert since 2006. He was appointed to the management board in September   We are focusing on the second route at the new
                                                                        elect! ATZ Electrified Mobility Congress, which we
            2017 as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Before that he served as Executive Vice   are holding in collaboration with Messe Stuttgart.
            President for Program, Planning, and Quality.
                                                                        elect! follows on from the success of the 30  Inter-
                                                                        national Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition
                                                                        (EVS30) and is based on an extensive international
                                                                        network. Managers and engineers from traditional
                    Eaton | E-mobility Division Debut                   companies and new players in the field will be
                                                                          presenting their views on how individual mobility,
                             Eaton, the power management company, has launched   local public transport, and delivery services will
                             its newly established e-mobility division in response to   change and on which products are likely to succeed
                             growing demand for high-voltage technology for electric   on the market. Will we be buying cars or mobility
                             vehicles. The Business Unit for E-mobility is focused on   solutions in future? To what extent will the percep-
                             three main areas of application for both passenger cars   tions of well-established companies such as Daimler,
                                                                        Schaeffler, and Mahle overlap with those of new-
                             and trucks: intelligent power electronics, power sys-  comers such as BAIC and Byton?
           © Eaton           tems, as well as high voltage power distribution and cir-

            Jeff Lowinger    cuit protection. “Our understanding of the unique cus-  I would like to invite you to attend elect! ATZ Electri-
                             tomer requirements coupled with our experience in
                                                                        fied Mobility Congress, on October 8 and 9, 2018 in
                             transmission and power electronics in hybrid applica-  Stuttgart (Germany) to find out the answers to these
                             tions give us a significant advantage over other suppli-  questions and meet prominent figures in the world of
                             ers,” says Jeff Lowinger, President of the new division.   electric mobility.
                             More than 500 million US dollars will be invested over
                             the next five years in the development of new products
                             and technology.
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