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HISTORY  BRAKES                                                     Brakes

          Thinking About                                             The ability to be able to stop in precisely the

                                                                     right place at any time was essential even for
          Slowing Down                                               the pioneers of motoring. This requirement
                                                                     led to the growth of a development discipline
                                                                     that has made a major contribution to road
                                                                     safety. When looking through old issues of
                                                                     ATZ, it is the innovations in the field of braking
                                                                     systems that catch the eye.

                                                                     1924  Fritz Nallinger, winner of the Swiss Alps Rally, in a
                                                                     Mercedes 16/50, which was fitted with compressed air
                                                                     brakes for the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1925 (© Daimler)

                                                                          he ongoing development of the many ideas
                                                                          from the early days of the motor car soon led
                                                                     T to a circular argument. One new development
                                                                     gave rise to the next and also had an impact on the
                                                                     next-but-one. For example, in the 1920s cars could
                                                                     already travel faster than 80 km/h, but their brakes
                                                                     were  not  really  adequate  for  this  kind  of  speed.
                                                                     Bosch  took  on  the  challenge  of  resolving  this
                                                                     life-threatening  problem  and  launched  its  servo
                                                                     brake system for commercial vehicles in 1927. Knorr-
                                                                     Bremse AG was also working on a solution at the
                                                                     same  time.  In  ATZ  2/1926  A.  Riedel  described  a
                             compressed air brake for cars that was presented at
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