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NEWS  PEOPLE + COMPANIES                                            People + Companies

                 KST | Cooperation with UAS Kaiserslautern

                                                          The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Kaiserslautern and the engineering service
                                                          provider KST Motorenversuch have signed a cooperative agreement to establish a
                                                          center for electric mobility. Amid rapid changes and developments in e-mobility,
                                                          engineering and test service providers have to adapt their technical and personnel
                                                          resources quickly and efficiently in response. It is equally important for universities
                                                          to be involved in these change processes from an early stage so that they can adjust
                                                          their curricula and research plans accordingly. The partners intend to join forces to
         © KST                                            meet these goals with the Center for E-Mobility at KST’s Willy Wolf Academy in Bad
                                                          Dürkheim. KST wishes to use practical courses and joint development and research
          Representatives of KST and the Kaiserslautern University of Applied   projects to accompany the next steps of individual mobility, while also inspiring
          Sciences agree to establish a center for electric mobility  young people for these exciting developments, said Prof. Gerhard Reiff, CEO of KST.

                 Audi | Hyundai | Cooperation in
          Fuel Cell Technology

          Audi and Hyundai are pushing the development of fuel cell technology and intend to share
          patents and access to non-competitively relevant components. “The fuel cell is the most sys-
          tematic form of electrical driving and is thus a potent asset in our technology portfolio for the
          emissions-free premium mobility of tomorrow,” said Peter Mertens, Board Member for Techni-
          cal Development at Audi, stating that in order to take the technological lead at an attractive
          cost, cooperations were the best way to enable the breakthrough of these technologies. At the
          beginning of the next decade, Audi will introduce the fuel cell as a first low-volume production
          run into its portfolio. The licensing agreement with Hyundai is already targeted at the next         © Audi
          level of development and a wider market offering.          Fuel cell competence center in Neckarsulm (Germany)

                                                   Volvo | Electrification to Intensify from 2019

                                            Following Volvo’s announcement that it would   largest market for electric vehicles. China’s elec-
                                            offer a mild hybrid car, a plug-in hybrid model or   tric future is also the electric future of Volvo Cars,
                                            a battery-powered vehicle in every new model   said Håkan Samuelsson, his President and CEO.
                                            series from 2019, the Swedes are now going one   China already represents the largest single mar-
                                            step further. From 2025, with 50 % of all vehicles   ket for Volvo Cars. The first quarter of 2018 saw
         © Volvo                            sold set to have a battery-powered drive system,   sales volumes in the region climb by 23.3 %
                                            Volvo is focusing first and foremost on China, the
          Håkan Samuelsson

                 Volkswagen | Investment in QuantumScape

          The Volkswagen Group has acquired further shares in QuantumScape Corporation
          for the equivalent of 86 million euros and decided to set up a joint venture. The con-
          clusion of this transaction is still subject to approval by the authorities. Founded in
          2010 and headquartered in San José, California (USA), QuantumScape holds over                        © Volkswagen
          200 patents and patent applications for solid state battery cell technology. This
          should pave the way for the next level up in battery performance terms to achieve
          longer ranges and shorter charging times for electric cars. The planned joint venture
          is to enable large-scale production of solid cell batteries and build corresponding
          production facilities by 2025.                       Solid cell batteries could more than double the range of electric cars
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