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           Evolving aluminium joining technologies  job include LSW, SPR, FSW, FSSW, and   New Lexus LS500
 New Lexus LS has the latest structure,   The aluminium alloy doors of the   laser welding. Tailored blanks are also   For the new LS body,
           Lexus LS are a showcase for joining
                                             used. The materials technology, forming
 uses a considerable amount of   technologies. In addition to the   technology and joining technology   aluminium alloys are used for
                                                                                        the bonnet, trunk lid, front
           hemming which is regularly used for
                                             established through the manufacture of
                                                                                        fender, suspension tower,
           the outer and inner panels, the   the aluminium alloy doors for the LS       bumper beams and doors.
 Aluminium Alloy.  appropriate technologies used for each   will be applied to future models.

                 Inner Panel                                                                Outer Panel

           Advanced aluminium technologies for   consolidating its production system to   the world’s top level of hemmability.
           the automobiles of the future     provide high-quality aluminium alloy   As for extruded products for automotive
           Against the background of the trend   sheet.                        use, UACJ has developed the new 7000
 The weight of automobiles affects cruising distance, so the main merit of using aluminium for automobiles is its   towards reducing vehicle weight, there   Regarding aluminium alloy sheet for   series, which displays excellent balance in
 effect on vehicle weight reduction. Aluminium is excellent in terms of strength and ductility, but it cannot match   is a drastically growing demand for   automotive materials, UACJ was the   extrusion performance, strength,
 steel in ease of forming because of its inferiority in elongation and shape-freezing properties.  aluminium sheets for the body panels   first manufacturer in Japan to start   weldability and corrosion resistance.
           of mass-produced cars. Following   working on the development of the   The performance required for bumpers is
 The new LS has the latest structure that uses a considerable amount of aluminium alloy in the outer panels, and   customer requests from all over the   6000 series aluminium alloy sheet for   becoming very high.
           world, especially North America, where
                                             body panels, and we now produce and
                                                                               Used for bumpers, the 7000 series alloys
 ultra-high tensile strength steel in the frame. In addition to the bonnet, trunk lid and front fender, aluminium is used   demand is expanding, UACJ has been   market aluminium alloy sheet featuring   greatly contribute to body weight reduction.
 for the doors. The application of aluminium has reduced the total body weight by 25% compared to the previous
 all-steel model, and because the car has four doors, there is an even greater effect on weight reduction.

            COMPANY OVERVIEW - UACJ Corporation
 Kazuhisa Shibue  In general, the inner door panel has a  when considering changing to
 complicated structure, so 5000 series   one-piece aluminium inner door
 Center President, R&D Division,
 Senior Managing Executive Officer,  alloys are frequently used because of   panels, because of its inferior
 Member of the Board  their high formability.   formability and shape-freezing   UACJ’s next-generation aluminium technology
 UACJ Corporation
 In consideration of dent resistance,   properties. Most European
 6000 series alloys are used for the   carmakers have stamping lines with   At the UACJ Research & Development Division, comprehensive developments
             on automobile materials, including aluminium alloy materials, optimization of
 outer door panels. However, Toyota   five to six processes, but Japanese   surface treatment and processing are being carried out.
 decided to use  6000 series for both   carmakers have production facilities
 Akio Niikura, Ph.D.
 the inner and outer panels of the new  with four processes. One drawing
 General Manager,   LS. Other carmakers produce inner   process is sufficient for steel, but   Corporate Name  UACJ Corporation
 Development Department II & III,
 Research & Development Division,  panels in three parts, but the LS   aluminium requires two. This   Headquarters  Tokyo Sankei Bldg., 1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
 UACJ Corporation  panels are formed as single pieces.   means that other processing has to
 This is largely a result of Toyota’s   be carried out by the remaining two   Principal  Manufacture and sales of aluminium rolled products, extrusions, cast products,
 excellent stamping technology, with   processes. The high-level stamping   Business  forged products, precision-machined components and copper tubing.
 aluminium manufacturer UACJ’s   technology which forms aluminium   Capital  52,277 million yen (approx 463 million U.S. dollars)  Core members of the Automobile Materials Research Dept.
 backstage support.  in four processes has been
 Spring-back emerges as a problem   developed by Toyota Motor.
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