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        “As a materials manufacturer with a   producing them in prescribed       as a springboard for discussion. We
        wealth of experience, we would like to   shapes.”                        would like customers to consider if our
        make approaches to customers        (Yasuhiro Hosomi, Deputy Head of the   products meet their needs for
        regarding our greater involvement in   R&D Center)                       manufacturing vehicles and let us hear
        the manufacture of vehicles in the                                       all their requests.”
        future. One example would be use of   The Innovation Area also displays a   (Kazuhisa Shibue, Chief Executive,
        our coating technology to solve the   battery housing which joins hollow   R&D Division)
        issue of electrolytic corrosion     extruded members with a coolant flow
        resulting from the use of           channel using FSW (friction-stir     Aluminum also plays an important role
        multi-materials. Another would be to   welding) technology.              as a material for the lithium-ion
        suggest solutions for surface                                            batteries which are widely used for
        treatment, putting parts together, and   “The many samples on display serve   peripheral materials, including the
                                                                                 electrode foil for current collectors, case
                                                                                 materials, bus bar materials, and tab
                                                                                 terminal lead materials. Batteries always
                                                                                 generate heat as a result of being
                                                                                 charged and discharged, so a heat
                                                                                 management system to keep the
                                                                                 temperature constant is extremely
                                                                                 “It’s essential to address thermal
                                                                                 management. We want to suggest     Motor Fan illustrated
                                                                                 customer-friendly solutions by
                                                                                 combining the technologies that we
                                                                                 have accumulated over the years.”
                                                                                 (Yasuhiro Hosomi, Deputy Head of the
                                                                                 R&D Center)

                                                                                 As the demand increases to make    ALUMINUM  AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                 automobile lighter for the sake of
                                                                                 reducing CO2 emissions, the
                                    The open innovation-oriented automobile technology
                                    corner provides a wide space for the display of items   development of technology using
                                    such as bonnet hoods, bumper reinforcements, and   aluminum is in progress. I could see a
                                    front doors. At the center is a prototype battery   wide variety of possibilities for
                                    housing for power train electrification.
                                                                                 aluminum materials through the
                                                                                 technologies exhibited in the Innovation   13
                                                                                 Area. Behind the technological
                                                                                 developments that play a core role as the
                                                                                 driving force for manufacturing vehicles
                                                                                 is the engineering spirit cultivated by
                                                                                 the UACJ R&D Center.

                                                                                              UACJ Director and Senior
                                                                                              Managing Executive Officer
                                                                                              Chief Executive, R&D

                                                                                              Kazuhisa Shibue

                                                                                              UACJ Executive Officer
                                                                                              Vice Chief Executive
                                                                                              Research & Development
                                                                                              Head of the North America
                                                                                              R&D Center

        The R&D Center after renewal. Aluminum honeycomb panels are used for the exterior.    Yasuhiro Hosomi
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