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UACJ R&D Center
            TE C H  R E P O R T

            Bringing out aluminum’s functionality

            in vehicle manufacture

     Motor Fan illustrated

          Creating new forms to meet the demands of vehicle electrification
          by fully using expertise as an aluminum materials manufacturer
          UACJ Corporation is one of the world’s   manufacturer specializing in aluminum   from the viewpoint of a materials
          leading rolled aluminum manufacturers.   rolled products, our aim is to develop   manufacturer, thereby contributing to
          The R&D Center actually goes back to   aluminum alloys which are as easy to   the creation of finished products. With
          the former Furukawa-Sky Aluminum    use as steel and carry out         its high heat conductivity and radiation
          Corporation and the light metal research   technological developments in a   performance, and good corrosion
          team of Sumitomo Metal Industries Co.   comprehensive manner to support our   resistance, aluminum is used for most of
          Ltd. In 1936, Dr. Isamu Igarashi    customers’ vehicle production.”    the heat exchangers of air conditioners,
          invented ESD (Extra Super Duralumin),   (Kazuhisa Shibue, Chief Executive,   radiators, etc.  UACJ has accumulated
          the world’s strongest aluminum alloy as   R&D Division)                extensive knowhow for the development
          a material for the production of aircraft.                             of members for heat exchangers,
                                              As for aluminum alloy extrusions, in   flux-free brazing, and surface treatment
          The UACJ R&D Center has three bases   addition to their light weight and high   technology such as pre-coating.
          today, in Japan, North America and   rigidity, they have attracted attention for
          Thailand, with 300 top researchers from   their shock absorption characteristics,
          the world’s aluminum rolling industry.   and their use has been expanded to
          In the production of cars, aluminum has   bumpers and chassis members. Bumper
          gradually taken over from steel. The use   reinforcement ASSY is a typical example
          of aluminum sheets began with       of this. The Center designs members,
          bonnets, and was then expanded to   including bumper beams and crash
          body panels, including fenders, trunk   boxes, with an optimal cross-sectional
          lids and doors. ɹ ɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹɹ          shape using CAE analysis technology.
          “Capitalizing on our strengths as a   It also gets involved in development

    (Source: Motor Fan illustrated vol.151  2019)
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