Page 11 - MFi Vol.152 ATZ Extra Issue 2019
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Tailored blanking

           Tailored blanking is a production method that
           involves joining materials of differing thicknesses
           or qualities before press forming them. Since it is
           possible to position materials of differing strengths,
           thicknesses, and qualities only where they are
           required, the method contributes greatly to weight

              Evolving aluminum joining technologiesgies

           Toyota’s LSW (laser screw   Fine welding beads are produced                                              Motor Fan illustrated
           welding) offers various advantages   by laser seam welding. Laser
           such as increased productivity   welding suppresses thermal
           and short pitch welding.  distortion to a minimum.                                                       ALUMINUM  AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY



           Increasing the joint rigidity of each body part is directly linked
           to the improvement of the vehicle’s responsiveness and the
           quality of the ride comfort. Body rigidity is increased by
           surface bonding of the vehicle body joint portions, not only by
           spot welding but also by using an adhesive together with spot
                                                                                    Cockpit cross-car beam created by
           welding. By improving the strength of the bonded portions, it’s
                                                                                    joining aluminum alloy and resin.
           possible to reduce the plate thickness and achieve weight
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