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Superplastic aluminum alloy sheet

           Superplastic material has
           elongation of more than several   Before stretching
           hundred percent at high
           Using the blow-forming method   After stretching
           (using compressed gas to force
           heated material into a metal mold),
           superplastic aluminum alloy sheet
           permits greater design flexibility.
                                                       Blow forming
                                                                                  The trunk-lid panel of the TESLA Model-S
                                        Mold          Mold
                                            aluminum                              with a complex curved surface is formed
                                            alloy sheet
                                                                                  as a single unit with high-temperature
                                      Approximately   Approximately     Molding   blow forming. The merit here is that
                                      400°C to 500°C  400°C to 500°C              higher design flexibility can be achieved,
                                                        Compressed gas
                                                                                  even in small-lot cases.
               EV platform platform

                                                    Front electric motor                                            Motor Fan illustrated
                                                                       Rear electric motors                         ALUMINUM  AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY

                 Charging point

                                         Liquid cooled
                                       lithium-ion battery

                                                                                             Aluminum cathode foils
                                                                                Aluminum     Housing cases
                                                                                materials    Busbars
                                      The large-capacity lithium-ion battery loaded on the
                                                                                used in LIB
                                      Audi e-tron is made up of aluminum alloy modules,      Disclosure sealers
                                      each containing 12 ‘pouch’ cells. To produce the       Laminated pouches
                                      battery pack, the modules are placed in an aluminum
                                      alloy housing.

          Regarding the structure of vehicles which are rapidly making their   That is why the use of lightweight aluminum alloys is favored. For
          way to being electric-powered, it is now becoming standard to   example, the Audi e-tron’s battery housing consists of 47%
          lay out the lithium-ion batteries in an aluminum frame positioned   aluminum extruded shapes, 36% aluminum sheets, and 17%
          under the floor as part of the body structure. Tesla took the   aluminum cast products. Despite being made of aluminum, the
          initiative and the BMW i3 was the pioneering model for this.   total weight of the system reaches up to 700kg. Considering the
          Audi’s e-tron has adopted a similar structure and Jaguar’s   structure in terms of shock being dispersed during a side
          I-PACE displays the same concept. The mileage of an EV   collision, thermal management, and other factors, an aluminum
          depends on battery capacity, but the greater the capacity of the   frame can now be regarded as the standard for an EV platform.
          loaded batteries, the heavier the total vehicle weight becomes.
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