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Small overlap test

                      Small overlap frontal crash tests are conducted by the Institute
                      for Highway Safety (IIHS). In the test, 25% of a vehicle’s front
                      end on the driver’s side strikes a rigid barrier at 40mph (64kph).
                      The overlap percentage is much lower than in a conventional
                      40% off-set crash, which means the strength required for the
                      cabin becomes greater.

                                                                            BMW i3

                                                                            The body of this electric vehicle has a
                                                                            two-unit configuration. The upper unit (the
                                                                            passenger cell) is made of CFRP
                                                                            (Carbon-fiber- reinforced polymer), whereas
                                                                            the upper unit (the drive module) and the
                                                                            space frame are made of aluminum extruded
                                                                            shapes. The door panels also have extruded   Motor Fan illustrated
                                                   Passenger cell           aluminum built-in frames.
                                                    (CFRP)                                                          ALUMINUM  AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY


                                  Lithium-ion battery           Drive module
                                                                 (Aluminum alloy chassis)

              Suspension arms                        Shock absorbers                         Subframes
       As safety critical components, suspension parts   Aluminum shock absorbers are widely used   A subframe is a structural component that is
       need to be highly reliable.             on 2-wheeled vehicles. Each shock absorber   a separate structure within a larger
       In order to enhance riding comfort and driving   installed between the car body and the tyre   monocoque. It carries certain components,
       stability, use of high-strength forged aluminum   consists of a spring which determines the   such as the engine drivetrain or suspension.
       alloy is expanding for axle parts such as   posture and cushioning buffer action and a   Subframes need to have high rigidity and
       suspension arms and hub carriers, and other parts.  damper which suppresses vibration.  shock-absorbing capabilities.
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