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                                                                                       Roof panel

                                                                                     The use of aluminum alloy sheet for the roof
         BODY Panels                                                                 but also realizes a lower center of gravity, which
                                                                                     panel not only reduces the weight of the body,
                                                                                     can lead to improved driving performance.

          Global fuel efficiency standards are getting stricter and stricter.   Suspension tower
          Fuel economy regulations intended to reduce energy
                                                                   The use of aluminum alloy
          consumption and CO2 emissions are being tightened not only in   die-cast products has been
          Japan, the U.S.A. and Europe, but also in emerging countries.   progressing for this
                                                                   important structural
          Reduction of vehicle weight is a key element of CO2 emission
                                                                   member that supports the
          regulations. The adoption of aluminum alloys for automobiles,   top of the suspension arm.
          that began with cast-metal components such as engine parts, is
          now progressing to full-scale adoption thanks to the improved
          strength and formability of wrought aluminum alloys.

                Aluminum alloy sheet
                Aluminum extruded shapes
                Aluminum cast products

     Motor Fan illustrated



                                                                                   Front fenders
           The body’s largest exterior panel was
           one of the first parts to be changed
                                                                                 These were among the earliest parts to be
           to aluminum, and this has led to a                                    created from aluminum sheet after the
           considerable weight reduction.
                                                                                 bonnet. Their area is smaller, but they involve
                                                                                 complicated designs, such as large curves.

               All-aluminum alloy monocoque     All-aluminum alloy chassis       All-aluminum alloy monocoque
               FORD  F-150                       TESLA  MODEL-S                   JAGUAR  XE
              The F-150 has become a major focus of   The chassis of the Tesla Model-S has an   The XE is the first model built on the
              interest for its switch to an all-aluminum   all-aluminum frame structure. The battery   Jaguar Land Rover modular platform.
              body structure. The use of aluminum alloy   cells are arranged beneath the flat floor.   The body structure of the 2017 XE's is 75
              materials has reduced the entire vehicle   Aluminum is also used for all the body   percent aluminum, the highest of any in
              weight by about 320 kilograms.   panels.                          its class.
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