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           & DRIVETRAIN

           The frame to support the drivetrain and powertrain requires both high
           rigidity and light weight. For this reason, frame structures using
           high-strength structural aluminum alloy sheet and extruded shapes are
           increasingly being used. More aluminum forged products are also being
           used for the suspension, as well as parts such as brake calipers, hub
           carriers, and steering knuckles.

           JAGUAR I-Pace

           The I-PACE is the SUV version of Jaguar’s first all-electric
           vehicle, with a body consisting of 93% aluminum. This light
           and strong architecture delivers exceptional torsional
           stiffness. The I-PACE uses two electric motors, one on each
     Motor Fan illustrated
           axle, for permanent four-wheel drive. Its power train provides
           400PS of power with 696Nm instantaneous torque, powered
           by a 90kWh lithium-ion battery. It was chosen by 60
           automotive journalists from 23 European countries as the
           winner of the 2019 European Car of the Year Award.



                                Brake calipers                        Bumper reinforcement

                       As these are exposed to high temperatures, while   The bumper reinforcements made of the 7000
                       also being repeatedly subjected to stress, they   series high-strength aluminum alloy extruded
                       need high thermal stability and good abrasion   shapes are excellent in terms of the absorption of
                       resistance.                                impact energy. However, to produce such hollow
                                                                  shapes requires advanced extrusion techniques.
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