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                                Aluminum alloys used in automobiles : 2
               02               Aluminum extruded products

                                   Components with complex cross-sectional shapes

                 Aluminum extruded shapes

             Using extrusion, it is possible to produce complex shapes. The process involves
             heating the aluminum alloy up to 400-500°C and pressing it through a die. Various
             shapes can be extruded, including complex shapes and hollow materials. They are
             normally used for automobile subframes and bumper beams.

             A space frame structure made of extruded aluminum
             shapes was adopted for the Chevrolet Corvette. A strong
             body structure with as much as 57% higher rigidity was
             realized, while also achieving a weight reduction of 45
             kilograms compared to previous models.

     Motor Fan illustrated

               Space frame using multi-materials
             The NSX for the 21st century is not an all-aluminum body
             structure, but a multi-material space frame structure using
             aluminum, ultra-high tensile strength steel, resin and other
             materials. Mainly high-strength extruded aluminum shapes
             are used. Aluminum alloy accounts for about 79% of the
    08       whole structure; other materials include 13.5% of steel and
             7.4% of resin.

                   Aluminum extruded shapes  Ablation cast aluminum
                   Aluminum alloy sheet     Gravity die cast aluminum
                   Ultra-high tensile strength steel  Steel

                                                                                                    Die  Billet
               Bumpers of the Mazda MX-5
             This bumper is manufactured using a 7000 series
             aluminum alloy produced by UACJ Corporation for
             use in hollow shape extrusions.
                                                                                           Platen Stem  Container Block

                                                                            Solid shape       Hollow shape

                                                                                Solid die    Male die Female die  Hollow die
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