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Aluminum alloy sheet
                                                                           The specific gravity of aluminum is only 2.7,
                                                                           approximately one-third of that of steel. It’s
                                                                           widely used for industrial products because
                                                                           of its great strength per unit of weight, along
                             Back door & trunk lid
                                                                           with its superior formability, corrosion
                            As with the bonnet, front fenders and          resistance and recyclability. In the
                            door panels, the use of aluminum               automobile field, it has been increasingly
                            alloys for these parts is increasing.          adopted since 2000 as a material for body
                                                                           panels. Even the current models using
                                                                           multi-material bodies employ mostly
                                                                           aluminum alloy sheet for their body panels.

                                                                                 Aluminum extruded shapes
                                                                           Intricately shaped cross-sections can be
                                                                           formed using the extrusion process. This
                                                                           makes aluminum extruded shapes optimal
                                           These are constructed from internal
                                           and external sections. The internal   for the production of parts with a constant
                                           sections are often made from 5000   cross-section and long length, such as
                                           series aluminum alloys, while the   bumper beams. It’s now common to find
                                           external sections are often made from   space-frame structures made of aluminum
                                           6000 series aluminum alloy sheet.  extruded shapes in large SUVs and electric
                                                                           vehicles. Moreover, extruded shapes with
                                                                           simple cross-sections can be processed 2-
                                                                           or 3-dimensionally for sub-frames and

                                                                                 Aluminum cast products             Motor Fan illustrated

                                                                           Typical examples of automobile parts that
                                                                           are now made from aluminum cast products
                                                                           are cylinder blocks, transmission cases and
                                                                           wheels. They are also ideal for members
                                                                           connecting the body and chassis, such as in
                                                                           the area connecting the suspension tower
                                                                           with the cross members and front side
                                                                           members.                                 ALUMINUM  AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY

                                                    Region               Fuel Economy Regulation
                                                           Long-term target for required fuel efficiency: CO 2  emissions of
                                                    Europe                                                         03
                                                           95g/km by 2021

                                                           Newly introduced fuel-efficiency standards to be reached by 2025:
                                                           fuel-efficiency of 54.5 mpg (23.2km/ℓ) for passenger cars and small
                                                           trucks; CO 2  emissions up to 143g/mi (89g/km) for passenger cars
                                                           Target fuel efficiency: 20.3km/ℓ (JC08 Mode) for gasoline-powered
                                                           passenger cars by 2020

             All-aluminum alloy monocoque      All-aluminum alloy space frame   All-aluminum alloy monocoque
              Range Rover Sport                Audi  Q7                          RENAULT  ALPINE A110
             Based on knowhow accumulated through   Q7, features an all-aluminum alloy body   The weight of the new Alpine A110 is as
             the development of the Jaguar XJ, this is   structure. High-strength aluminum alloy   low as 1,103 kilograms thanks to the
             the first SUV to feature an all-aluminum   extruded shapes are used for the front   all-aluminum alloy platform and upper
             body design.                     side members and front bumper.   body structure.
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