"Aluminum cannot simply be replaced by other materials."

Yasuhiro Hosomi
born in 1958, has worked in various positions for
the Japanese rolled aluminum manufacturer UACJ since 2015.

In 2019, he was appointed Deputy Director of
the Research and Development Center.

In April 2021, he was appointed Managing Executive Officer.
Since April 2022, Yasuhiro Hosomi has been Special Adviser, Automotive Parts Division.
UACJ Corporation

UACJ Corporation is a Japanese rolled aluminum manufacturer that promotes the development of aluminum materials, looking five, ten and twenty years ahead.
Although UACJ Corporation is still an unfamiliar company in the auto parts field in Europe and the United States, it is a high-quality rolled aluminum manufacturer with the third largest production capacity in the world and reliable technological development capabilities based on a long history of research and development.
We consider social responsibility and sustainability as the most important aspects and strive to reduce the environmental impact of aluminum in all manufacturing steps.
We are committed to working with our customers to develop optimal aluminum automobile parts.

We manufacture the Mazda MX5's body and chassis components. A typical example of the MX-5's lightweight design is the front bumper, which is made from 7000-Series aluminum alloy. The bumper is an important strength element for crushable zone shock absorption. It is also the element furthest from the vehicle's center of gravity, so weight reduction is important to reduce the yaw moment of inertia. Based on these required performances, we have developed materials and extrusion processes and realized the production of thin-walled hollow bodies for bumpers using a high-strength 7000-Series aluminum alloy. This newly developed aluminum alloy has excellent weldability.
Major advantages of using aluminum are its low weight and high recyclability. Compared to the recycling of aluminum from ore (bauxite) to produce aluminum ingots, the energy required to recycle it into aluminum ingots is only 3%. In Japan, the public and private sectors are jointly developing more advanced recycling technology. The recycling technology is "upgrade recycling" that removes impurities and produces high-purity recycled aluminum ingots. Through the widespread use and recycling of rolled aluminum products, we can reduce environmental impact and contribute to the realization of a sustainable mobility society.

Benefit 1
A century-long history of aluminum alloy research and development
Benefit 2
Annual production of aluminum sheets over 1 million tons
Benefit 3
Customer support through development systems specialized in mobility

Naoki Tokizane
Senior Principal Manager
Mobility Technology Center (MTC)
UACJ Corporation

UACJ's Mobility Technology Center (MTC), established in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in October 2020, is a division specializing in the development of automotive parts.
MTC will promote the development of innovative aluminum automotive parts, utilizing our extensive knowledge in materials development and production technology. We are committed to working with customers in the U.S.A. and Europe to develop optimal aluminum auto parts.

UACJ R&D Center, Mobility Technology Center

We can reduce CO2 emissions by using sustainable aluminum. As a material manufacturer, we consider social responsibility and sustainability as the most important aspects and aim to reduce our environmental impact in the manufacturing and production stages.
And we aim to supply aluminum automobile parts through a global production and supply system that can deliver all types of rolled aluminum products. Please contact us at UACJ.

Automotive parts with aluminium alloy sheets, extruded shapes and forged products from UACJ.
Bumper components, battery housings, brake calipers, subframes, suspension arms, body panels

Company Overview UACJ Corporation

Corporate Name UACJ Corporation
Headquarters Tokyo Sankei Bldg., 1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-004 Japan
R&D Division, MTC Chitose 3-1-12, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 455-8670, Japan
Representative Director & President Miyuki Ishihara
Principal Business Manufacture and sales of rolling products, casting products, forged products and precision-machined products of aluminum and alloys thereof.
Capital 52,277 million yen ( approx 461 million U.S. dollars)
Number of Employees 9,722 (consolidated) As of March 31, 2021
Fiscal Year End International operations 37companies
Affiliated companies UACJ Automotive Whitehall Industries, Inc.
5175 W. Sixth Street, Ludington, MI, USA
Prinzenallee 5, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
UACJ Extrusion Czech s.r.o.
Prumyslová 1010, 294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou, Czech Republic