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          Transforming the Passenger Space

                                                                                                       © Yanfeng

          Autonomous driving in an SAE level-5
            people mover will open up new options         14  Introduction
                                                               Frank Jung
          for comfortable and calm interior design.
          In automotive development, the visual and
          subjective perception is being analyzed         16   Driving Simulator with VR Glasses for Evaluation
                                                               of New Interior Concepts
          increasingly frequently using virtual reality        Bert Hartfiel, Alexander Kroys [Volkswagen], Nico Kruithof [Cruden],
          software and simulators. In quiet electric           Rainer Stark [TU Berlin]
          cars in particular, no unwanted noises
          should be allowed to disturb the passengers,        INTERVIEW
          and this can be achieved by the correct         24   “Experiencing the
          design of the seat mounting points.                  interior is more important
                                                               than owning the car”
                                                                                                               © Yanfeng
                                                               Han Hendriks and
                                                               Tim Shih [Yanfeng]

                                                          28   Improved Comfort for the Future Vehicle Interior
                                                               Alfred Lethbridge [Saint-Gobain]

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