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                Volkswagen | Investment in 3-D Technology
                                                             Volkswagen has acquired a minority stake in the technology company SeeReal
                                                             Technologies. This shareholding will give the group access to augmented reality
                                                             solutions in the field of future display systems for cars. The research project
                                                             will provide Volkswagen with key expertise in making driving even safer and
                                                             more convenient in the future. Potentially hazardous situations on the road will
                                                             be projected into the driver’s environment in three dimensions, and “touchable”
                                                             displays will be suspended in the car to replace instrument panels. Future genera-
                                                             tions of head-up displays will even merge three-dimensional presentations seam-
         © Volkswagen                                        lessly with the environment, allowing for innovative display concepts both in the
                                                             distance and near to the driver. Conventional dashboards may eventually become

                                                               SeeReal Technologies is carrying out research into technologies of this type.
          In the future, head-up displays will merge with the driver’s environment  obsolete and vehicles may be controlled using virtual switches and displays.

                Charge4Europe | Hubject | Europe’s

          Largest Charging Network

          Charge4Europe, a joint venture of DKV Euro Service and Innogy in the field of charging infra-
          structures for electric cars, has started its operations. Its mission is to develop a non-propri-    © Charge4Europe
          etary, European-wide charging infrastructure for commercial fleets of electric vehicles, with
          the aim of turning it into the largest European network. It plans to have installed 100,000
          charging points by 2020. Charge4Europe has signed a license agreement to this effect with   Charge4Europe has signed a license agreement with the
          Hubject, which is one of the largest international e-roaming platform operators.  e-roaming platform operator Hubject

                Ibeo | Lidar for China

                                                    China’s largest manufacturer of SUVs and   On level 3, drivers can temporarily turn
                                                    pickup trucks, Great Wall Motor Company,   their attention away from the task of driv-
                                                    has chosen the Germany-based automo-  ing and the traffic. However, they must
                                                    tive supplier Ibeo to provide lidar systems   be prepared to take back control of the
                                                    for its vehicles. The systems will initially   car at any time. On level 4, drivers can
                                                    be used in the company’s Wey SUV model.   become passengers and stop driving the
         © Ibeo                                     Ibeo’s newly developed sensor will provide   vehicle altogether. These vehicles will be
                                                    safe level-3 autonomous driving functions
                                                                                  capable of driving fully independently on
          The cooperation agreement between Ibeo and Great Wall    in Great Wall’s production models from   certain routes (such as on highways and
          is signed                                 2021 and level-4 functions from 2023.    in parking garages).

                Edag | Research into Metal 3-D Printing

          The symbolic presentation of a certificate   similar as possible to the future production
          for the German-Polish project AM-Crash    parts. AM-Crash will cover the entire pro-
          by German Federal Minister of Education   cess chain from powder-bed-based laser
          and Research Anja Karliczek provided   additive production and local and global
            confirmation that Edag would receive fund-  thermal treatments through to joining pro-
          ing for its research work. The aim of the   cesses. Research will also be carried out                © Edag
          research project is to improve 3-D printing   into the simulation capability of the process   Richard Kordaß, Dr. Martin Hillebrecht, Holger Merz (all Edag),
          processes (additive manufacturing) to   chain, in order to minimize future expendi-  Anja Karliczek (Federal Ministry of Education and Research),
          ensure that the printed prototypes are as   ture on testing.   Michael Brand (Member of the Federal Parliament) (f. l.)
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