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Rehau | Restructuring of the

            Automotive Division
                             To prepare for future challenges, the Rehau Group
                             is reorganizing its Automotive division. The restruc-     Dr. Johannes Liebl
                                                                                       Editor in Charge
                             turing is a long-term process which will start with
                                                                                       ATZ | MTZ | ATZelectronics
                             changes in the division’s management team. On Sep-
                             tember 1, 2019, Dr. Markus Distelhoff was appointed
                             the new Chief Executive Officer of the Automotive
           © Rehau             Executive Board (CEO AEB) and Member of the Group
                             Executive Board for the Rehau site. Distelhoff has
            Markus Distelhoff   long-term, wide-ranging experience of managing
                             global businesses, most recently at Continental AG.
                             As part of the restructuring process, the previous CEO   Making Climate Protection
                             AEB, Markus Grundmann, will take responsibility for
                             the marketing, sales, and engineering business units    Smarter
                             of the Automotive division.
                                                                        The German federal government’s Climate
                                                                        Protection Plan 2050 essentially aims to
                                                                        reduce CO 2  emissions. It is the base from
                                                                        which all CO 2  reduction targets in the fields
                   Toyota | Suzuki | Capital Alliance                   of energy supply, industry, buildings, transport
                                                                        and agriculture are derived. For land use and
            Established                                                   forestry, the focus is to be on the absorption
                                                                        and storage of CO 2  through the conservation
            Toyota Motor Corporation and                                of forest areas and additional reforestation.
            Suzuki Motor Corporation have                               However, this should be understood more as
            announced that they have                          © Toyota  an appeal than as a concrete goal.
            entered into an agreement to
                                                                        A study by ETH Zurich shows that trees
            establish a capital alliance.   Toyota and Suzuki are cooperating on
                                                                        contribute to regulating the CO 2  content of
            The aim of the alliance is to   autonomous driving, among other things  the atmosphere by absorbing CO 2 . For example,
            develop a long-term partnership                             a beech tree produces enough oxygen for 20
            in new areas of business, including autonomous driving. The two companies   people every day through photo synthesis of
            began considering a business partnership in 2016. In March of this year, they   water, CO 2  and light in its leaves.
            announced that they would begin working toward joint product development and
                                                                        Using a database of almost 80,000 forests,
            production, in addition to supplying each other with products. They will combine
                                                                        ETH Zurich scientists have developed a map
            Toyota’s strengths in electrification with Suzuki’s expertise in compact vehicles.
                                                                        showing 0.9 billion ha of land worldwide for
                                                                        potential reforestation. If the USA, Russia,
                                                                        Canada, Australia and China play their part,
                                                                        we could have forests as CO 2  reservoirs working
                   Faurecia | Reshuffle on the                          by 2050. But the enforced deforestation of
                                                                        the  rainforest in Brazil by a ruler who only thinks
            Executive Committee                                         nationally doesn’t bode well. Forests are global
                                                                          climate actors. Protecting the forest must become
                             Faurecia has appointed Mathias Miedreich as    an important part of climate protection efforts.
                             the Executive Vice President of its Clean Mobility   Deforestation should be controlled globally.
                               business unit. Miedreich, who was previously Deputy
                             Executive Vice President of this business unit, suc-  With smart climate protection and globally allied
                             ceeds  Christophe Schmitt, who has been appointed   key nations, these goals can still be achieved.
                                                                        To reduce CO 2  emissions, we need a new, inte -
                             Group Operations Executive Vice President. Schmitt
           © Faurecia        in his turn replaces Hagen Wiesner, who has been   grated approach that combines reforestation
                                                                        and legal requirements for reducing emissions
                             named Executive Vice President of the Cockpit Mod-
            Mathias Miedreich  ules business unit (including the SAS joint venture).   from the burning of fossil fuels. Reforestation
                             Faurecia’s Executive Committee, which is headed by   must therefore not merely be an appeal, it must
                                                                        be part of the solution.
            Patrick Koller, the Chief Executive Officer, now has 14 members from five different
            nationalities with responsibility for all the business units, the major functions,
            and the company’s activities in China.
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