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© ZF
                                                                               © Virtual Vehicle                 © UAS South Westphalia

            38  ZF is focusing on connected chassis systems   48  In the WoodCar project, Virtual Vehicle,    64  UAS South Westphalia is developing
            to achieve a dynamic driving experience, enhanced   TU Graz and University of Natural Resources    a  modular and flexible testing concept to
            safety, automated functions, and a  better feeling    and Life Sciences Vienna are studying the load   improve the weight and efficiency of small
            of comfort.                       capacity of wood composite materials.    electro mechanical drives.

                CONTENTS                          DEVELOPMENT                       RESEARCH

             3  Editorial                         CHASSIS                           ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS
                                              38  Predictive Chassis Concept    60  Driver Assistance Systems
                                                  for Passenger Cars                Teaching Humans How to Drive –
                NEWS                              Christoph Elbers, Markus Zeitter,    The Mentoring Concept of the
              6  People + Companies               Manfred Meyer, Thilo Bitzer [ZF]  Race Trainer
             7  Impulses                                                            Samuel Schacher [Volkswagen],
                                                  BODY                              Rudibert King [TU Berlin]
                                              44  Serial Sensors for the
                IN THE SPOTLIGHT                  Fiber Composite Body –            GEARBOXES
                                                  Functionalized Lightweight    64  Efficiency Measurement on Small
              8  Quo Vadis, Mobility Transition?  Design and Damage Monitoring      Automotive  Gearboxes Using the
                Alexander Heintzel                Linda Klein [Bosch]               Example of a Window Regulator
                                                                                    Driving Unit
                                              48  Crash-proof Wood Composites       Karsten Schöler, Fabian Hug
                COVER STORY                       in Lightweight Bodyworks          [UAS South Westphalia]
                                                  of the Future
                INTERIOR                          Georg Baumann, Florian Feist [TU Graz],
            14 Transforming the                   Alexander Stadlmann [University of Natural   SERVICE
                Passenger Space                   Resources and Life Sciences Vienna],
                                                  Christian Kurzböck [Virtual Vehicle]  70  Imprint, Scientific Advisory Board
                                                                                71 Preview
                NEWS                              CYBERSECURITY
            34 Products                       52  Virtual Vehicle Keys from an
                                                  Insurance Company’s Perspective
                                                  Natallia Dziamchuk [AZT]          GUEST
                                                                                72  Demystifying
                                                                                    the Charging
                                                                                    Challenge                    © Arthur D. Little
                                                                                    Alexander Krug
                                                                                    [Arthur D. Little]
            COVER FIGURE © Yanfeng

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