ATZlive plus 2020

11th International Munich Chassis Symposium
23-24 June 2020

ATZ live, part of the Springer Nature publishing group, run on June 23rd and 24th 2020 its 11th edition of the plus symposium. UACJ has been participating every year since 2016.
The event was looking at the chassis development with the main challenges safety, vehicle dynamicsand driving comfort.
UACJ exhibits bumper systems, brake systems, and automotive design aluminum sheets.
It is a field with ever increasing complexity also due to interaction with assistance systems, solutions for automated driving and changes in electric and electronic architectures.
For future vehicles the chassis and its subsystems steering, brakes, tires & wheels play a big role due to consumer wants: dynamic driving experiencewhile steering the car, high level of safety in all driving & road conditions, and increasing comfort especially in automated and autonomous modes.