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LUMINOUS ALUMINUM ALLOYS Design aluminum sheet with beautiful expression by surface treatment
An apparent luster alone does not make a authentic product.
The true value of this material can be seen in the expression after anodizing.

One of the main features of aluminum is its excellent design. Because of these characteristics, it is widely used in various applications, such as cosmetic containers, name plates, car interior components, and construction materials. Although there are some car models in which the texture of aluminum is replaced by resin or other inexpensive materials, luminous aluminum alloys for design purposes are indispensable for expressing designs suitable for luxury cars.
Even inexpensive materials look good in terms of gloss. However, the beauty of the material after chemical polishing and anodizing was markedly different. In addition, the luminous aluminum alloy sheets for design purposes create a three-dimensional effect by etched, which further increase the difference in the sense of luxury.
Aluminum alloy sheets are manufactured through casting, hot rolling process, cold rolling process, and finishing process. Surprisingly, the factor that determines the surface quality of luminous aluminum alloy is not the finishing process, but goes back to the stage of making the ingot. By manufacturing a cast ingot with a metallic structure that has excellent chemical composition and surface treatment properties that enable brilliant properties, and by performing meticulous process control during hot rolling, we are able to produce the only luminous aluminum alloy in Japan that has anodic stability. I had an endless talk with Mr. Tahara, who has been developing UACJ's world-class luminous aluminum alloy for design purposes for many years.

UACJ's luminous aluminum alloys are the world's fewest and only high-quality aluminum sheet materials in Japan, that can be chemically and electrolytically polished to achieve excellent design and anodizing properties. UACJ has accumulated technical know-how to meet the needs of our customers for genuine products.

The world's No.1 quality luminous aluminum alloy.


Shozo Tahara

Product Engineering Dep. No.2
Production Engineering Department
UACJ Corporation

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